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Meet the Team


The Team

Tonja Lewis

Nerika Jenkins

Douglas Worthen

Regina Fitch

Andre Maximum

Ebony Newkirk

We have Certified Coaches, Self-Defense Instructors & Licensed Clinicians


CEO & Founder of RzTheFlags

Tonja Lewis

A mighty woman, with a mighty vision, because of a mighty heart……

Tonja Lewis is not just a visionary, but a warrior that carries empathy, compassion, resilience, and didactic ideology on her shoulders, in order to encourage, and empower individuals. 

Born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, New York, Tonja sought to make a difference at an early age birthed in a environment engulfed in poverty, high crime, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, promiscuity and homelessness. Tonja endeavored to rebuild, restore and reconnect the lives of the broken back to society. 

As a ministerial servant that served under the anointed Bishop Barbara Glanton for 23 years at The Love of Jesus Family Church in Newark, New Jersey, Tonja received her elevation first as an ordained Elder and later as an ordained Reverend. 

News of a family member’s diagnosis of HIV highlighted the lack of knowledge and resources associated with the epidemic of AIDS/HIV and catapulted Tonja to begin her own 501C3 & LLC organization in 1999 to Educate, Advocate and Empower underserved communities. Women, youth and young adults have become the targeted population. Tonja has partnered with other religious faith-based organizations such as, The Love of Jesus Family Church Newark, St. John’s Baptist Church, and Hopewell Baptist Church.


These religious sectors bridge the gap between faith and the epidemic, providing spiritual intervention, HIV monologues, workshops, and testimonies. Tonja received certificates from The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Child Abuse and Maltreatment, HIV Communication and Prevention, and Ten Thousand Mentors Learning to Lead. As a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Tonja’s agency received The Outstanding Agency Award from (NJCRI) North Jersey Community Research Initiative.


In addition, Tonja was also presented with the entrepreneur plaque in 2020, The City of NY Citation, The NJ Senate Resolution, and The Office of the President of the Borough of Brooklyn City of New York Citation. Tonja received her certificate of completion from the Essex County Prosecutors Office of victims-witness advocacy to assist intimate partner violence survivors. To further serve her community Tonja became a Certified Life Coach, trauma informed trained, and currently completing her CADC( certified alcohol Dependency counselor). Tonja’s agency was also saluted by the National Black HIV/Aids Awareness Day for their campaign to fight against AIDS/HIV,and RzTheFlags LLC was awarded by NJCRI( North Jersey Community Research Initiative)as an Outstanding Agency.


Tonja spearheaded the first Latino Aids Awareness Day at University Hospital, featured with her team of colleagues and volunteers in the hospital newsletter. Tonja also volunteered at the Broadway House in New Jersey to serve and assist those infected and the families that were affected by the epidemic. In 2018 changing the organization name to RzTheFlags, noticing the disparities that were attached to the epidemic, the population served was intimate partner violence, Domestic Violence and HIV Violence.

Outside of her organization, and community service, Tonja loves spending time with her family and is the proud mother of one daughter, the beautiful Kamani Bre’one Smith.


About Us

RzTheFlags is serving victims that have been victimized by Hiv violence, domestic violence, & Intimate Partner Violence.​

This community-based outreach organization provides motivational speaking, education, referrals for HIV testing, preventive intervention, table talk truths, workshops, seminars and conferences and facilitates several community health fairs and events.

Rz(raise)The Flags became a partner with The Shani Baraka Women’s Resource Center in The City of Newark, New Jersey with other partners to serve the community with supportive services for women, children and families that are in crisis and transition. The agency served four years in that community and partnered with several grass-rooted organizations.


Rz(raise) The Flags have collaborated with other community-based organizations such as Young Disciples Community Development Corporation, Hyacinth Foundation, Gay Men Health Crisis, Sierra House Shelter, University Hospital Admitting Department, Youth Consultant Services, Rutgers University, and Macy's Shop for a cause. Exposing the curriculum to the East Orange Campus High School in the New Jersey school system, Rz The Flags spread knowledge, educating students, parents, and faculty. For over a decade, Rz(raise) The Flags annually collaborates with the New York World Aids Day Walk, and the National Black HIV Aids Awareness Day. 

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