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Tonja Best is a mighty woman, with a mighty vision, because of a mighty heart, born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York.

 Tonja has collaborated with other Faith based organizations such as Young Disciples CDC, St.John"s baptist church and Hopewell Baptist church. These faith based sectors bridge the gap between faith & the epidemic, providing spiritual intervention, HIV monologues, workshops and testimonies. In 2014 Tonja changed the name to Rz The Flags after she researched that this epidemic  has various disparities such as domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness and substance abuse, Tonja formed the name, " Rz The Flags".


This community based 501c3 non profit and for profit organization provides social services to the community with other grass-rooted organizations that Rz The Flags have partnerships with, The Shani Baraka Women's Resource Center, North Jersey Community Research Initative (NJCRI), Newark Beth Israel Hospital, A Women's Worth Project and Rutgers University ID Clinic.The organization also facilitated educational programs at East Orange Campus High School to the faculty, students and parents on prevention, awareness and HIV testing and counseling.



Rz The Flags has received  community proclamations from Senator Ronald Rice & The City of New York awarded Tonja and her organization a plaque and Citation for the community service that she has rendered in New Jersey.


Tonja is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter Kamani B. Smith.

The Team

Board Members

Dr. La'Tesha Sampson

Dr. Myra Robinson

Nerika Jenkins

Shirley Smith

Oscar James


Tonja Best

Thamicha Isaac

Beverly Thomas

Tammy Wilson

Itiyannah Spruill

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