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RzTheFlags was established in 2014, we provide services predominantly in the Urban areas of the Communities because the risk factors are higher than in Rural Areas. The Urban Communities is where the epidemic of HIV/AIDS is of the highest percentages.


There are also high percentages of people in the Urban Community who are unaware that they are a carrier of HIV or the AIDS Virus and are afraid to get tested and educated. The targeted areas of this infestation are where Drugs, Alcohol abuse, homelessness and human trafficking are predominant; including High Schools and Faith Based Sectors.

RzTheFlags also sits on the Outreach committee for the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

RzTheFlags Inc will provide supportive services for victim-survivors of crime and those deemed at risk of victimization. We provide support and intervention groups, individual counseling, case management, needs assessment, and referrals to external resources.
"To bridge people back to hope through compassion and community, fostering a world where everyone feels empowered to thrive."
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RzTheFlags is breaking the Silence to Educate, Advocate & Empower with Medical Resources and Information as it pertains to HIV, AIDS, STDs, through Collaborative Partnerships that include but are not limited to:

  • Saint Michael's Medical Center

  • NJCRI- North Jersey Community Research Initiative

  • The Office of Violence, Prevention & Trauma Recovery

  • Openly Positive Inc.

  • Kindred Solutions LLC.

  • Great Joy Counseling & Consulting

  • Sankofa Love LLC

  • Brick City Peace Collective

  • The H.E.L.P. Center

  • New Hope Village